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There is a band of

armor, impenetrable ~

stronger than bronze, steel.


That armor is my friendship,

bullet-proof, infantry-real

comes in a myriad of tones

borne of unconditional love;

my bones.


Go out into the world

adorn me in thought

disrobe me at need.

I am tougher than leather, deer hide;

yet fragile enough to bleed.


Wars will be waged, so cruel

battles you will choose

my aura shall always protect you ~

in my eyes, you never lose.


Harness this fact ~

new battlefields await you,

soldiers who don’t fight fair.


Yet they cannot win.

They don’t possess what

greatness you wear!


Let this be your song:


They can stab all day long

into your armor,

this friendship does not

give up, or die easily ~

in fact, it swings back, strong!


You can’t go wrong.

This armor shields you head to toe,

you walk in victory, always;

in my Soul.




~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf

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