Company of Stars

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Company of Stars   




On my back

in the vast Colorado darkness

            beside the old red barn

beneath a company of stars,


         I pretend to name my horses

after constellations

         watching dancing patterns

of Heaven gallop

         into lonely, but

brilliant formations ~


Those that shine the brightest

belong to the stallions

         white as newly-fallen snow.


Those sparks more distant,

blinking on the

verge of inevitable fade ~

         are given credence

to the old broodmares

         foals fat in their bellies

for the last time,

         unshoed hooves sinking in sand

on their last parental stand.


Shooting stars are

the colts here but for a whisper

of time before fate

steals them elsewhere

to be distant horses,

          nevertheless grand.


Glows in the sky that

flicker ~ refusing to die

are the horses

in a storm, no where to

run and how their race

against the wind

         is more the

                   dream to fly.


Those embers barely sparkling,

leaving little behind

their trail that existence was

once there’s ~


         are for all the horses left

alone in pastures

that nobody touches

ones nobody cares ~


         except when mourned over

                   beneath a company of stars.



 © Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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