Posted: October 28, 2011 in Poet; Writer; Author


A lesser light would come along

power out an aura’s prism array

too close to the beam to comprehend

emit beacons of  melancholy brilliance

exploding atoms of static white noise

songs make warped history bleed

in octave waves of splintered dreams

like terrible storms through fragile leaves

balance suffers with wounded poise

leaving behind crippled vibration

a wolf’s silence in Arctic stillness

forever imprints mankind’s evil distillation

fragments litter a withered path

glory has its moment of silent ooze

when all it loved failed to embrace

(merely squeezed)

blood has its geyser sky to fall

laughing angels hear not the prayers to appease

frail voices seek their ghostly throats

in cauterized moments of singular terror,

cut short from dismembered screams.

Awaken me in twilight, cotton dust

across channels of crimson whispers

melt pain of embers weeping

enmesh all fear into viable trust

when all is lost to devoted keep

safeguard nostalgia from oblivion’s

eternal sleep

let me forever reminiscence

words that pinpricked my Soul

dancing firelight of fainted lust

scrape wounds of infant fire

softly reconnect severed momentum,

expel the hidden, shy desire ~

left there, feather-deep.

A lesser light would come along

close my eyes to blindness’ own

forsake wonder to stretching darkness

shun the crave of Earth’s immortal bitterness

bend of rivers shallow and care less

out from ruins of wavering emptiness

peaks of Mountain once left to Eagle eyes

I will know I finally came home

when sadness turns to infinite bliss

when to appreciate that which

I can no longer ache, though cast alone

for as memory dies ~ so I have also come

to stare in the face of God, his own

immeasurable radiance to kiss.

~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf

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