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I could not sleep

and so walked the shadowy path

lined with purple, drooping hyacinths

stirred by lust-scented lilacs

as chills of unwantedness

wafted through the thickness

of midnight air

draping me in foliaged cashmere

adrift as though in a dream-like mist

of garden-deep secrets

ones bees told me about

during impossible days

when memories were once

thick as blooming Gardenias

and lay like Jasmine ghosts in-between

shattered rose petals after

unexpected storms.


Beneath a dim sky

one finds revelation

in the dank smell of earth

raw, musty dirt that reeks

like sex-filled autumn

or fear’s wet sting

and all that lives beneath, contentedly

fears our ever-exploring fingers

because of what we might indiscriminately

crush in mortal curiosity.


An Owl’s concerto ~

a cruel reminder that

private symphonies exist

take place under cosseted moonlight

where the restless are instantly forgiven,

and become a welcomed audience

to songs of performing cicadas

purporting the nightly gists

of their triumphs or defeats

from left-over foraged day.


When I return to

bed, and clutch you

like a lost child

back from a strange

world, I weep in the dark

mountain peaks of your back,


and pretend that you console me

like wildflowers swaying

at the base of foothills,

their silence screamed

only to wind in a dim sky,

where too, perhaps,

they are mourned.


 ~ ~ ~


© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf♫


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