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When the overhead
                   Is beyond our
                                       Timid imaginations

And touch
Too real of latent
                   Dream to rise
From reluctant birth ~ ~

                   We must peer inside
The unfathomableness
                             Of ourselves . . .

Tiny integers in the swirling
                   Soft glimmer of vacuumed space

Alas drag the wounded fears from
                   Their swollen pools,

         Believe that we are as real
As the passions that
                   Define us,

The catalysts that
Embellish life forms of their own
                   From singular, lonely vision
Resting inert beneath
                             Self-conscious tunnels
Of undulation.


A place and time when
         Silence was safer
                             Action more centered
In its framework of minimal tears.

                   We’re only as close to Stars
As what brightness we
                             Allow to drape
Our hidden darknessnes,

                             Silhouette forms    milky monograms
Of grayscale remnants
                   Of everything we ever tried to be but didn’t
                             And all we tried to feel
And yet were left empty


How harmony is

Or connections sealed
                             Is not merely the blend and scope
                   Of what once lay screaming, unearthed,

But how we finally step outside
                             of cosmic boundaries,
                                       The gulf of what we perceived
                                                           As limitations….

And realize
                             ~ ~ Oh and realize . . .

                             That deep within the crevasses of
                                                 Us all,

         Therein lies an infinite
                                       And waiting
                                                           Element of

~ ~ ~
© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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