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Somewhere in a bed of hay, an Elephant weeps.


There’s the Keeper that raised her, but he’s deaf

to her existence other than

to expect her submission when he yells demands in the Ring.


Is it no wonder

the baby calf that lies inside is afraid to come out.


Over a thousand years, her Kind has been our Slave

trained to bend at our every fashion and whim

forced to dance with Chains and Fire and Ice.


This night he beat her and left without leaving water and food.


As she stood wondering what behavior had been perceived as wrong,

her hunger drove knives deeper in her sides than Winter’s pierce.


She’d done nothing wrong except be an Elephant that a human man

Who felt worthless thought he’d feel better if she was Hurt.


Somewhere in a nameless town, an Elephant Dreams

of thundering across tundras in Africa with a Herd

that protects her from nightmares of Men that whip Elephants.


As Dawn breaks in the early hungry hours,

at last a grateful Elephant sighs,

and draws one last breath in this gift of peace and knowing silence.


So opens a Floodgate to Humanity’s Loss

that  becomes an Elephant’s Triumph.


Somewhere in a bed of hay, an Elephant Smiles,

and joins the Herd she knew only in Dreams.   



Author’s Note:


This particular Poem was written at the

age of 10, back from a Circus with my

family.  I was fortunate to see many

Circus animals “behind the scenes”

because my father was s Prestiege Member

of Society, and had “friends in high and/or

low places.”  Therefore, I didn’t always

like what I saw.  This is one case, out

of many . . .



~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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