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what did you not recognize

            of trust staring back at you


in the liquid eyes of the sheep

         (the unicorn look-a-like)


            her fleece like ivory snow

ruffled keen by Irish hills

above her where the


tending flock tasted summer

in the safety and

bucolic light of meandering streams


but oh ~


she was singled-out

(not as luck would have it)

from the others


            for she had been the most special

tame      approachable


gentle in her carefree animal spoon


how her friendly bleat could be heard

all the way to your deceiving





she died a noble death

giving her wool to you

                        her life for you

                        so naively

                        so unregretably


as the bayonet came down

across that beautiful, benevolent neck


she had no suspicions

                        no lingering remorse

gifting you

                        the softness, the forgiveness,

of her



                                                            eyes . . .


~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. debbiebrooks37 says:

    Susan this has made me cry.. every time a sheep or animal is killed for us.. and their sweet trusting eyes.. Oh Susan it is so deep and sad and beautiful. Blessings my friend

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