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From prehistoric piles

of dust, I awake

an emotion into

spheres of creation

before human was even

a thought.


Separated into timelessness

wrapped in fleshless despair

fragments bending into light

fracturing semi-darkness.


Smooth body evolves

from roughened concept

inviting slippery

delay across forming edges.


Rivers flow like hate

wash my shape in

naked tumble

and fed the feast of

untamed things.


Famine without rest

gentle winds that

applied their justice to

chills left for

hardening’s ache.


I am Stone.

A fortress of my fate

relentless weaving into

solid eons of molten grace.


Centuries left untouched

but then nor could I feel

multiple feet across my

polished surfaces


who stood upon me

as I held them up above

to worlds once unseen



still with their blinded visions,

hearts closed off to me,


not even realizing

that beneath them,

I do exist, indeed.

~ ~


© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf♫


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