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A rip in the fabric of time

gave me awareness.

The separation from nuclei

released my own properties

of equilibrium,


and now I have miraculously

become my own unique



I emit light, between negative

and positive charges of electrical

force, losing energy as I

travel along to spaces unknown.


Matter collapses around me

to smaller, non-distinct

volumes; I’m truly alone in

this Universe that you call



I spiral and spin, like particles

of dust within your realm.

I’m but a speck compared to

human Soul-light, but I am



Seen not by your eyes,

carried along by winds

that ruffle your hair,

or tides of water that

tickle your skin.


I live in your sphere,

a lonely entity of

powder unheard,

endlessly drifting

to penetrable domains.


For I have touched the

eye of a Hurricane,

lunged inside a

Tsunami in attempts

to delay its rage.


I was the element you

swept from your floors,

beneath couches, across

the counters of your

material dimension.


Nothing impedes me

from floating high

above evening wisps of clouds,

or sleeping in the cup

of a sun ray’s dawn.


But then something happened,

you spoke of goals, visions,

hopes, which left me to wonder

what was mine to grasp . . .


I’ll make it to the Moon,

yes, like you have done,

like you never forgot it,

like you want to go back


and plant feet upon an

alien soil, and feel replete

with splendorous recognition.


Yes, I’ll make it to the Moon,

I’ll make it to the Moon;

the human laughs.


I’ll make it to the Moon

if I have to crawl.


Even Molecules have Dreams.



~ ~


© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf♫


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