Immortality of Mice

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Immortality of Mice



Dust never begs for favors

it gathers slowly in neglected corners

primary real estate for the homeless

attracting merely primeval ghosts

from discarded particles of a forgotten past

wooing the vibrating membranes of darkness

cold spots ignored in circling white noise

threadbare but in agreement

with rippling disparity

like a silence it cannot not forgive

a concave it could never dream to convex.


All minute detail

sucked through in a matter of eternity

mass never equaled its twin emptiness

fire born of magma river rot

get the engines roaring

a feast is about to be uncovered

though gluttony somehow still meets immeasurable hunger

an unstable order where

chaos drips with structured bling.


Mind the tool shed

yet this hammer knew briefly

of entrails squeezed out of fingertips

liquid human fills the underground vaults

and a shocking display of battering

between each heartbeat of withered breath

sullen replicas of beastly stubs

gnaw at the virgin door

nobody’s home screams the innocent

lost to miles of nuts and bolts

the clutch of death seeks pivot points

and all stand aghast in those squashed remains

where once childhood tread a path

of crippled stains.


Once mortar cracks the surface porcelain

a face melts in Co-op disarray

Souls dismantle before hidden mirrors

laws passed to protect those that wrote it

never the ones who’d never break it

never the ones that need protection

broken are the skin of workingman

who has something in common

with poetic ridicule or manmade tidal waves:


he who bleeds much more profoundly

redder in color than his fallen sky

is his belief in the immortality of mice.

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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