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You would be

whiplashed cold

yet emblem proud.

I watch your freckles

dance in uninhibited sunlight.


Soft petals never knew

such shattered bloom

the eve of Romeo and Juliet

never felt a slivered Moon

sometimes cut in two

before our conscious prime

we search for our severed half

blinded like a dismembered fool

feeling the sensation of phantom limbs

dentures spilling porcelain drool

the ache to fully arrive in tact

takes over subtle mindset

we are the twist inside

what words remained

to speak so cruel.


I’m quite aware that

space is made up in stages

and nothingness carries a lot of weight.



I’ve wondered too long

how detached I was

from early beginning and

so by the end

the unravel didn’t hurt as much

as for those that clung too hard

for their own good.


The way of words have kept

me silent; gather your seeds

as they fall between cracks of soil

no harvest was ever greater

than the hands that planted far too soon.


I’ve left and been left behind –

both angles criss-cross

neither heals  faster with time

hearing distance like bombs

memory strikes lightning bolts

filtering through the aftermath

of rain.


Would you hold the light


not far from my face

close to where shadows

dream jealous dreams of flesh

how they dance the bloom

of Autumn groves

bleeding into the twilight

of fading dawn.


Mania knows the difference

between true love

and Whisky-Sour Lust ~

so obvious the makeover

a Botox gone wrong

isn’t it sometimes easier

to just sleep alone.


What you choose now

affects the remainder

of your miserable life

sway the borderline outcome

deceive the pendulum

of leading circumstances

but “crazy” has a name

a reputation to uphold

it comes subtle

like sperm between

another’s reluctant thighs

with all-out virgin surprise

can’t turn around

nor shut off the leaky valve

pain must go on

run its course through

miles of pulsating nerve endings

and peeling skin

no chance of mild thunder

only a delay of inner storms

that can never be tamed.


Pardon the anomaly

uniqueness has run out of options

fled incognito to the badlands

was captured mid-flight

in a bottle of fireflies

flushed to squashed beam

from the nonchalant breath

of an innocent, yet curious child.


Lights out;

darkness its own after-glow

of neon blindness wonder

and radioactive regret.


Tears can’t find

enough pack of restless

coyotes to howl their damage

and bleeding indignity,


          but sorrow knows.

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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