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I wrote this poem at the tender age of 11 regarding a true encounter that happened in my childhood growing up in New Orleans. I wrote it during my first encounter with these two remarkable Souls that forever left an imprint in my life.  A friendship ensued from this, eventually, until they moved away, much to my young broken heart.  In looking back, I realize how truly blessed I was to have known this young German boy who spoke no English at all and his German Shepard seeing-eye dog, his constant companion. Over the long years, I have often thought about them both, and the impression they left imbedded in my shattered youth.  I wondered where they went, and if they were still alive.  I will never forget them, and I just wanted to share it with you, hoping you find it as interesting and hauntingly beautiful as I did then and still do.



I knew a Deaf dog once.

He was the eyes of a Blind boy.


And come the early morning mist,

before the ravages of children at play,

they would walk alone together,

one to tell the other how it Felt.


The boy would sing, no particular Song,

perhaps a Melody of Stillness bent Listening;

and the dog would howl sometimes, as though he saw

inside the strain of Darkness.


Life’s Irony:


The boy would nod to what the dog couldn’t hear;

The dog would whimper to what the boy failed to see.


Their pain was mutual; a bond created within the

existence of one another, like Soul Mates,

with inseparable Longings.


I followed them once, in curious awe.


The dog saw through me and sauntered on.

The boy stopped Singing.


So I let them go, shook-up with childish Loss.


Life’s Irony:


It was I, Blinded by selfish tears

who missed Hearing them Both

    tell me



~ ~ ~

To this boy and his great Dog, I thank you both for opening

my eyes and my ears so young in my Life.


~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf



This poem has never been altered since its original conception:  remember:  I wrote this poem at the age of 11.

  1. debbiebrooks37 says:

    I love it so much.. I am sharing on Facebook on Writers Fortress

  2. floriefel says:

    I was amaze when I read it…i really like your poet….

  3. Thank YOU so much Deb . This Poem is from real events

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