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Smile upon this ancient River ~

its cool waters have felt

your sinew writhe;

twisted from shadowed-angles

of shared and molded ache.

In dreams, it cradles trembling blood.

Forever it has wept at your flowing side.


Your tongue has crossed many

severed Moons; tasted parched

wastelands left to linger

from tumbled regret ~

how you pierced the edges of

screaming thirst, content

only by what was mirrored

in its own discharged reflect.


Do you tire from mastering feats

of endless fear or infinite despair

when all that’s revealed in the end

is its minuscule singular memory

matching none other than my

mortal own ablaze in

unheroic air?


Plant feet deep into this path!

We have traveled identical

forks in sweeping dust;

listened to echoes warning us

that as friends, we cannot touch ~

yet as inseparable Soul Mates,

so shall our words timelessly

intermingle in some distant

beyond, gently caressed.


Love we have not known nor felt

its vibrant sting for any other ~

it doesn’t seem fair

until we stop in lonely pause long

enough to realize how truly blessed

and gifted we are!


Kneel before the unyielding wind

that bows not to invisible definition;

feel how we are at once defined

by another’s forgotten hunger ~

broken entities that miraculously mend

because both were swept beneath

the other’s fading storm within.


Embrace God-giving Light

it is, after all, what gave all Darkness hope

and where radiance first became its

own forgiving yet terrible abyss ~

why us, why us, we wonder still with

swollen grief,  shattered illusions

peeking through the shy mist:



Do we dare now to question

the mighty Heavens

or the burning Hells

that contain the wisdom

of all our fractures?







~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf

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