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Long ago

A sky had called him up

A stallion metaphor

Lost in his frozen throat

Too weary to rebel the

Upward sanction of destiny

Unwinding like an airborne ribbon

Slammed hook of finality

No lope to free oneself from

The fescue grasses maiming

The sensitive belly of its victims

Stand-still precision

Memorized in the carved seashell

Of sorrow’s roar


That space between coral and

Land-mine corruption

Lost echelon of songs ripped of

Lyrical gold

Chewing the desert darkness

Calling his name across

Distant cool inlands and

Velvet molted to steel


Love was another linear

He could not equate

Twisted in his gut    a knot

Vice-grip bearing down

On stripped Mahogany


Ambition too

Pummeled with disparity

By the time luck could be stroked

A blur, then awaking into numbness

He could not remember, merely feel

The residue of trauma

Sucked dry

Resilience paper-thin


Long ago

When youth soared on the acid

Wake of its tailwind

Indifferent to death

He was able to coax the

Lion back into its caged den

He could feel the blunt-end of

Animosity from his foes

Not falter from its lethal sting


Once those knew that age

Had made him slower     incapable

Of showing a bottom lip of teeth

To bite back,


There was no longer honor,

Fairness in the fight

And he retreated

Much like that Tawny Lion

Back to its prison bars

Who might once have believed

In the alignment of Stars

But now through pockets of dark

smeared incognito

The currents of screams

Rested in the shadows unheard,

Rendered non-existent

By deaf ghosts.

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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