Not Exact Science

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Not Exact Science


Somewhere, out there,

in the stillness

of inky-black

and vast, intangible space,


         a lone nebula

along the Andromeda Highway,

near the Milky Way

drifts towards solar masses

opens doors to invisible Black Holes

swallowed in stellar gasses

a pinprick speckle in the deep night sky

long before Hubble telescopes

traced its ancient, solitude flight

or starlit tumble

through alien regions of

swirling, cosmic dust

in the company of white dwarfs

who burn, yet cannot rust

in the wake of Helium drones.


Father Sirius

looks on

regards with galaxial content

this Neutron throng

silence that travels

twice the speed of sound

light-years from astral cries

appears to be standing still

to human naked eyes

clusters of constant motion

suspended in their

ebony-quartz vacuum

of hydrogenic emulsion.


One lone nebula,

a blip in the course

of Nuclear fusioned-light

it saw, once, the

Pillars of creation

explode into being

with infant, Supernova might.


It witnessed magnetic pulls,

forces of the hidden Universe

beyond our mortal skulls,


it knew its place

in the infinitesimal realm of

extraterrestrial or other-worldly things

this wandering star of

infinite spin and majestic turn

whose closest neighbor was ringed-Saturn.


One lone nebula

finally blinks, ever

weakly, after eons

of illuminating from

the core of

assimilated electrons,


not exact science

but suspicion grows

that just as there is birth

after so many millennia,

there comes a time

in the life of every good

star their moment to fall,

to burn, to die.

One lone nebula knows.


                   It knows.




~ ~


© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf♫


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