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When there was less of shadow

And more the footfall from

Invisible longing

I felt the vibrating hum of separated stars

The galaxial pull and disconnect

From the vortex of emptiness

Echelon of mortal dissolution

Where there are no boundaries

An eternal loop of unnamed grief

Strung out like mix-matched pearls

Too enmeshed in space

To weep such cosmic tears

And yet we cling to moments

Etched in stained-glass expectation

As though it were some tubular life-line

Sucking the vacuum of air

Between us

Licking the scab of regret

Like mother cat to limp kitten

Stirring it from infant death.


A prism enlightens me

Brings forth old songs from

The ancient granite of their roots

I fall inside the furrow

The wounded crevices become

My own

Surrender to the multi-facet

Of all that surrounds

Attempts to touch the

Spectrum of intangible light

Reflecting off dense halos

Hungry for the millennia of its secret glow.


Can we luster as crystal

Harden as beauty beyond reason or delight

As we tend to tear down those

Stars gleaming brighter, longer

Than our jealous, fleeting souls

Writhing to the symphony of stone

Dancing to the rhythm of

Subterranean perfection

Imbedded inside our fragile bones.


Can we fathom loss

Lay out its remains like

A fossilized dinosaur

The jigsaw puzzle of a

Pre-historic life

Trying to piece back

From a carbon-state of dismemberment

Accept even the crippled frame

Dragging its crushed abdomen

Back into an unknown future

Because we figure half is

Better than nothing at all

If we can’t have the whole

We don’t let go of broken

Yet fail to hold on to that

Which need not be



How do we see ourselves

Confined to melting conception

Emotion transparent as blown leaves

Binding to the flirt of nonchalant wind

Gyrating through throbbing sinew

Reminding us of our lethal structure

Erected mysteriously and as

Haphazardly as the Peruvian Giza Lines

Written in the alien sands

Wherein the porcelain of our dreams lay

Frail as the relics we glorify

Excavation biting away

In our indelible strive to become anything

But forgettable clay.

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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