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The day you went deaf,

My heart leaped with

Blinded shock.


At first I almost got mad;

I couldn’t understand why

you didn’t come when I

called.  You always did,


            your four paws thumping

across the slippery Linoleum, all

wagging tail and drooping pink



Too young to know the difference

Between blessings given and blessings

Taken away,


            you acted like nothing had



God bless the resilience of Dogs.


The Vet informed me it was a

Genetical glitch; somewhere

Along the bloodlines, a distant

Relative had also been struck

Or born with the cursed silence.


He also said it was possible

For you to lead a somewhat normal

Life as long as alterations were made.


He warned of the facts that you

could no longer hear the dangers

Of cars or intruders.  Safety measures

Must be put into place.


            I was only worried about my

Voice you would never hear again and

Surely miss.


On the way home, almost driving

Drunkenly through tears, you licked

My face as if to say it’s okay.


We’ll learn sign language;

We’ll survive.


When one sense dies, others

Step in to over-compensate

For the mysterious loss.


You never took your brown

Eyes off me, and heeled at

My side, though untrained to

Do so, like a Pro.


As time went on, people in

Parks would ask what’s wrong

With the dog, or, I’m sorry.


No one appreciates pity, or to

Be patronized.  Treated special

For all the wrong reasons.


The way you looked at humans

Never changed.


You thought everyone loved you

And were worth loving back.


I wish I could have made you

Understand somehow that they’re



Until the day you died,


I think all along it was me who

Had turned to the world that

Deaf ear.


~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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