Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

We go out in blazing quiver
reminiscent of elephants
their valued ivory tusks
ripped from gray-sensitive cheeks
open the Koran
forged to premonitions
of our core genesis
exposing holy genitals
scented of the musk of sex
seasons autumn-cheated
in our scammed psyche
we can cure the stones
first we must tantalize lichen
bring it to its submissive knees
as inmates on death-row
seek redemption of their crimes
is it too late
the lethal injection
fluids its sodium thiopental
through our soul
resolve more impenetrable
than a steel curtain
or does it thaw
an extinct glacier
searching for its
arctic amputation
quadriplegic from
the tundra down
induced coma  melting point    delirium wobble
can we straighten like an arrow
piercing the flesh of
pyramidal fragility
pretense of affect
knocking at the door
of insanity’s barricade
caverns reject our neon-slighted bloom
now’s the time to
all rivalry
idolize the metamorphous
of a mushroom
a whistle in the dark
absorbed by stars
echoes in the dense white abyss
fortress against silence
composing cosmic mantras of
who we truly are
was there ever a doubt
sequoia trees
die jealous of their
ephemeral emerald leaves
speed      susceptible to
ancestral inertia
its breath the power of comets
exploitation of an
athlete’s competiveness
only strengthens
animal resilience
think    think back
had Woodstock lost its speakers
had musicians lost their vocal chords
the microphones of history
would have been forced to be re-written
coerced to forfeit praise
locked in the jugular vein
of mortality
we risk all winds of caution
give up restitution
for our inalienable
right to bleed.


~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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