Shell Breakage

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Shell Breakage

Are you sorry you mastered
the impossible
a frozen mix of admiration
thawed to copious contempt
unrealistic savors of pleasure
needled through sensual expression
the outcome of maimed desire
departed in quadriplegic state
with prosthetic hope of future, upright endeavor ~
will we choose again ever
enmeshment over safer isolation?

Despair plays no favorites
only a tune
no mouth for words
ridicule from rusty notes
though we’ve sung this primordial song once before
humming as the day is draining and long
while nights harmonize in greater discord
until silence becomes the loudest sound of all
vibrating off the crumbling wall
breaking ancient sound barriers
and still not one caring Soul
heeds the plaintive call.

Forced contrast against
a blank and stoic canvas
lives drawn in paralyzed disarray
fingers paint with numb strokes
too insecure to imagine
one single masterpiece
in its frozen glory of virgin oil
no one but the Artist sees striving potential
so a vision dies in still-birth
a translucent fetus of infant thought
unborn fruition
one embryo of genius
snuffed to unnecessary extinction
no winter exhale to witness ringlets of smoke
exude from a Poet’s dead breath.

All tangles end with such
unresolved conclusions
to the disembodied mirrors
of their failed illusions
each singular line
of geometric exactness
can thank ancestral angles
for finite rules
justifying its existence
within an open vortex
of hypothetical resistance.

But who believes principles
truly dominate a world
chartered by wheels of orderly chaos
a linear blot of infinity
speaks only of vast emptiness
even if it meets demise
through some time-warp millennium
seeing itself fall out of sky
like burning fuselage
with invisible eyes
and the Black Holes of man
(like shooting stars)
shuts theory down
to starlit gallows.

A moon-phased tantrum moves
soft in neutral wind
that feels nothing for its sorrow
no forgiveness for its rightful sin
only an inner storm brewing within
that defies more gravity
than would be taken from G-force
or Oceanic bends.

I see the blur in your irises
grieve for distances it
could never fathom;
tears that merely portrayed
the footprints from dreams
that never heard footfalls
just their ember echoes.

We sit, star-gazed in
mortal inertia
traveling in impoverished trance
to destinations beyond our scope
worth more than wealth
could ever dance.

Startled reactions
to things we knew
would happen anyway
mitigate the blow
to nano-degree
but shock still comes
in multiple waves
knocking us to our
humble knees

and in prayer
we mercifully plea
to our higher power
” please take the pain away . . .”

what is left is our shell
others hold to their curious ear
to hear our unrequited ghost

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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