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Not impressed with the blankness of paper

I re-write myself over and over

pages of forgotten silence laid to rest

across glaring cement

usurped from bowels of frozen hunger

come to life across channels of communion

sharing quality of guilty traumas

tinsel-town of wireless dismay

fuses with the neon saturation of revelation

caustic intersperse of Gold-belt exoneration

why the tree line sways as if in defeat

is anybody’s guess

except even whiplash gets up and goes

caffeine dogged creation oozing Onyx

the same that kept us jeweled like prisoners

freed to open horizons like dawn unleashed

a thousand doves who forgot their names

but not the hands that caged them

is brick any easier to penetrate

a Berlin Wall of ridicule comes crumbling down

integers of regret dissolve

prisms in the torch of broken beam

revealing the gem that slept dormant

for a millennia of snow-crested admittance

now a melted puddle that once knew

of its lake edification

I dream of being wrapped in metaphor

warm wombed placenta of lyrical pleasure

washes over like orgasmic explosion

ruins of unforgiven endeavors finally acknowledged

prized like rows of Roses idolized

for their exotic bloom

no more reason to dance alone

hug the haunted shadows

that pled only our sympathy

we are at last Oneness in the

game of Chess pieces

moved for its skill to conquer

worlds before it that never felt touch

not like this

glory the Finch who found its dismembered throat

the rise of the tides to ebb all wounds

though rejoice may sound at first

like weak baby-whimper yearnings

a new day re-invents its shattered past.


This smells like spirit.


~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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