Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized



Certainty left

in dismembered state

abandoned like so many

other things loved and lost

hopeless as rain

beyond the capability of flowers

hairline fracture

fetal neglect, stunted at birth

peeks inside the eyes of disaster

like a wounded voyeur

whose only chance of redemption

is blindness.


What grinds the meat of memory

severs bone from emotion

filets the trust factor

into sectioned slabs

of bleeding flank

rare from the tenderloin portion down

unprepared for the soreness

of unrecognizability.


Are we meant to be tossed

like shiny pebbles

back to Sea

if sand would have us

the tide to carry us out

beyond shallow coral beds

much like flakes of

aimless plankton

stardust is all

we ever wanted to be

to have instead

drowned in sky

not to be dispersed

in liquid graves, endlessly.


No ~


the heart craves space

healing from cosmic scars;

the Soul remembers

            the eternal wink of Stars.



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