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You take a great grief

and you hang with it,

each dangling tendril

a wounded vestibule

of its own.


Wisps of knowledge of

each bleed an imprint

in the curl


and ringlets of the

bruise become the

aura of the day.


If one checked microscopically,

stems of rooted thoracic pain

would seep from bony edges

miniscule as pores


breaking with the sweat

in crystal beaded tears

across shivering



Cavities of pleural angst

plank sternum walls

leaving great details

of a vestige heart


for what is left pumps

venom within each breathing

shallow rise instilled by

fangs from those it loved.


Tufts of throbbing muscle

sensitive now to alien touch

knew of blades that pierced

beyond multi-layers


where stitches did their best

to weave through lesions left

irreparable from within.


Oblique recalls of terror-filled

torture spill from quivering tongue

now left to wine-ingrained injured



as waves of nightmares rock

the coiled and fetal-positioned

sleep of body bent.


Since early umbilical moment,

the twists and strands of hurt

wrapped brutal fingers

perpendicular to the spine


making upright stance near

unfeasible in order to deflect

further wield of inflictor deed.


You take a great grief

and you hang with it,

and the Coroner’s Note

is filled with vacant journal –


for how does one theorize

the subject died from

an overdose of an invisible

chafed Soul?


~ © Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf♫~


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