The Dissection

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Dissection



by order

under principal duress

I found my youth

         planted in Biology Class

much to my animal-loving distress


forced to disable lungs

from once-breathing things ~


         I preferred to stare

out the double windows

         bury my eyes


          the nonchalance

                          of other living things





                                       who, not

                   on some steel table lay

                   for the purpose

of knowledge or learning pleasure

                             not at the degrade

                                       beneath cold microscopes

         that make them appear more possible

                   to us than they ever should be


but instead ~ within my reach

         and admirable vision

                   something beautiful

and vibrant, and ultimately,

                                     from all of us,



others humming as they carried on

seemingly unaffected by

         eyes that stared back

                   ever blankly


eyes that once saw into a world

that could not look back

         at them the same way


the teacher eyeing my

precarious abstinence

         my final refusal

to dig any further

         into a frog


not because my tears

got in the way, or

the fact that others

ridiculed my ridiculous

                emotional display;


but because I knew that

         this frog

         once, like only a few of us,

had a heart.



Written in my

high school Biology Class.

I think I was around 16?

I really received an F because

I refused to dissect the frog.

That’s okay.  My English

and Creative Writing Classes,

where I made straight A’s, compensated

my overall grade average.


~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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