The Day I Died

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Poet; Writer; Author
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The Day I Died 

Seek radical in

phase of filtered moon

irreplaceable this effect

you have on me

too fearful to ask

why the wounded mask

though I understood

all what your painful

words have methodically


the size of dismembered sorrow

its distorted sides, twisted-angled lines

crossed over and frozen in-between

roads that burned its fragile skin to dust

help that appeared bled-over, in blotted rust

erasing all the tell-tale signs.

Show me shadows straight and tall

in beautiful, yet crippled twilight

sharp as tumbleweed

sped through holes of infinity

reaching avenues of unforgiving sanity

through cob-webbed, golden flight.

Knowing fathomable fright

anxiety humble against every angry seed

the mumble of wolves tortured

their grey outline fading sadly against

the dying stream of primeval light.

I’ve kept secrets known to no other

only wind to whisper my maiden name

pure sonic rain to weep my war

who to blame for demeanor insane

I was never the same again.

Your words that whispered

whimpered at every abused,

bruised side

so took me with them in Soul-lit stream

the day I died,

your words were there

clinging to strands of strangled blonde hair

something heard calling yet no one was there

but your words that dared to answer somewhere

the day I died.

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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