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I release the jewels of my Soul,

for they are not mine to keep.

Rubies I adorn from

blood I’ve spilled.

Though because of you,

the bleeding has mended.

May these Jades temper

humility you have instilled,

opening minds to vibrant visions


Amber I gift thee,

as for this spirit

you have healed

the broken light

in me.

May your Sapphire emotions

be as pure as the serenity in

others so gracefully poured.

To Turquoise happiness bestowed

so shamelessly, healing

darkness once ignored.

Rub pain across Topaz,

calming seas of negativity

that once crashed and roared.

May moments reflect in Quartz,

pure as the day you visualized

goodness in others – their just reward.

Allow your Opal loyalty to always

luster through as you faithfully

distilled for others remedy.

May Emerald Memories always

be with you, not to forget loved

ones lost untimely.

My Onyx protection shall coat you

long after I’m gone; and keep

you forever strong.

Now you are not rich, but wealthy

in spirit with these gems I gift thee.

Take them and cherish Soul stones

you can only earn – and use them wisely.

Wear them as jewels of Kindness,

Forgiveness, and Morality–

qualities you have shown to others

besides me.

Now that I’m gone,

give them away when the time is right

for others to learn and live by:

in memory of both you and me.

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. Susan ohh I love the jewels.. our soul jewels… so breathtaking and beautiful and so deep too.. thanks for writing such beauty.. I will follow you anywhere..

  2. drtruthman says:

    Beautiful poem and graphic. Yes indeed Debbie is correct, our souls are indeed Jewels. Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thank you Lee and Deb. I appreciate your comments.

  4. phill jombs says:

    am so honoured,
    I feel highly valued like diamond,
    So royal like english gold.
    This friendship i wil keep like gem jewels,
    for you are a jewel to me.

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