Many times I’ve invited the Darkness

Blocking out any chance of Light to

Filter through.

Why I did this, I’ll never know,

For it went against the grain

Of everything I ever knew.


I turned up the frequency to receive

Ignoring the volume when it was

Time to give

And then I wondered why friendships

Fell through the porcelain cracks,

Leaking like a sieve. 


Now I listen hard to the lyrics and rhythm

of wavering love

great symphonies of sorrow

all silences of hate

and all that begs of a forgiving heart

to mend our broken marrow.


I feel the different colors of Soul

Riding waves of Nimbus clouds

Through to the other side of

a patient Rainbow

The dancing glitter across frozen snow.


Do we ever really know some actions

Are far-reaching, with no recover.

Hurting all those we ever claimed to

Love deeply, forever.


Not the first time I’ve started over

Facing the blank Canvas

Waiting to be re-drawn, re-written

Brush in hand quivering with fervor.


Once the shades and shadows

Finally blend and bleed anew

All makes sense to the

Art of my Life,  where new

Dreams make their shy debut.

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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