Posted: November 24, 2011 in Poet; Writer; Author
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moments recorded in

                        The Book of Regrets

behind inhuman pens

pushed past their own resilient limits

a lone car spinning in the dead of night

Reaching for the Stars

along a seemingly endless, precarious mountain pass

not even fireflies can compete with

its blaring headlights

            stabbing the thickening fog

passing a hit deer along the road side

her frantic heart still beating

and this monster of glass and metal

abandons the outskirts of demi-light nowhere

            heading northbound into the

nameless township of

                        skyscraper somewhere

leaving nothing behind

anymore remarkable

            than the swirling dust it stirred

or the stones it kicked off to the wayside

between the white dividing lines

segregating a two-lane highway

trees that canopied the winding bends

sway not by wind

            but engine fuel spilling

            its toxic lung

across the gasping leaves

sharp eyes of a startled raccoon

narrowly missed

by the roar of hungry rubber


            the distance of asphalt chips

a careless climb to the top

that will matter to nothing

not even to the open, empty space

that existed fine without its



an owl looks on

imprinting his unrest

upon the frosty air

            with his sad, disenchanted hoot

the song of squealing brakes

barely dodging a homeless dog

terrified beyond

            the growls of its own

                                    starving belly

the following curse

from grumbling whiskey lips

that even embarrassed

                        the wind


            the stories

            that will never be told

and refused to be written ~ ~

when even the skies serenade

above our weepless


and we wonder,

            how we humans pause and wonder,

why even stars

            drop out of love with us . . .

© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. Susan wow, another excellent poem.. what an inspiration you are to me…When even Stars fall out of love with Us.. Oh to think how our actions can bring about the pain for others. Yes Susan.. You made me cry.. You are a really great poet….Awesome….

  2. drtruthman says:

    Just absolutely beautiful Susan. Your poem speaks volumes to the often uncertainty of life, relationships and love. How true that even stars drop out of love with us. A real theological discourse is somewhere in that statement; of this I am sure. Great job Susan.

  3. Thank you both Lee and Deb for your support and words of encouragement. Yes, sometimes I think our affect upon the Earth, damages we have done, have caused great concern with the outskirts of unwritten laws against Nature. I’m not saying that all of us are guilty. Just that my belief that we shall reap what we sow, and if we kill off all the Whales and Sequoia trees, there will be a price to pay.

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