Posted: November 26, 2011 in Poet; Writer; Author
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The way loss would remember

          a morning welcomed only

for its Damask entry

          a Velvet lingering

along wounded hemlined dream

          satin-gentle waking state

blur of whimper come to life

          place of non-committal Diamond-light

fade beyond crimson curtains

          of rehearsed despair

half twilight whispers


    finger along the edge of tears

sinking into numbness.


The way loss would forget

          an evening rejected only

for its shadow-teasing light

          broken angles strangled

inside dangling prisms

          promises spin their web

through a fine disguise of golden thread

          swinging their last distorted remains

through a pinhole of fatal oblivion.


The way loss could move on

          memory blanketed in cold bursts

of intermittent reality

          devoid of child-like curiosity

seeping through frayed fabrics

          of human reluctance

out of body, witnessing the carnage

          left behind

shattered glass drinking the rays

          of a nonchalant sun.


The way loss should accept

          snap back into screaming flesh

the sting of the Silver Chord

          weeps like a lonely Violin

return to mortal weight,


and thus its inevitable neediness.

          Its pain.



© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. SUSAN BRAVO.. this is so awesome and beautiful… I love this.. You are such a awesome writer.. I am so proud to know you… You just don’t know how you inspire me..the graphic is so breathtaking.. You are a true artist. it makes me remember my sister and mom’s death.. How heartbreaking…and the pain of the loss .. thank you for writing this.. I applaud you Susan.

  2. drtruthman says:

    Oooooo Susan, this is so enchanting yet beautiful. “The silver chord” no less? A near out of body experience or the feeling of loss so deep that you feel as though your own life is slipping away? I have experienced them both as so many have. Many interpretations here. I continue to be amazed at your ability not only with words but also touching the inner most soul of humanity. Great job Susan.

  3. Thank you both Deb and Lee. Yes, Lee, I’ve been so traumatized as a child, that I did often, as an escape mechanism, leave my body, “astral project.” So I know all about the Silver Chord which they think we are attached to while alive with the physical body, and what happens at death, supposedly, is that Chord snaps. Anyway, I do appreciate the both of you visiting me and my Poetry; I know my writing is not for everyone and that I’m a Dark Poet which can be viewed as negative or depressing. I’m not a “happy” writer, for the most part. Take you, Deb, for instance. When people read you, they are instantly transported to a “happy place,” a place where love and smiles and maybe a few tears fall, but mainly they are in a good place, safe and warm. With me, it’s a little different and I’m not popular and know it, LOL. But I can’t change who I am or the way I write. I’m me and that’s all I can be.

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