Posted: December 4, 2011 in Poet; Writer; Author
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Did you die with such dignity?

A love poem on your breath

Destroying your first book

At twelve because no publisher

Was to be found

Oh those sentiments lost

Floating like feathers in the

Wind, without their wings

You wrote songs, symphonies, plays

Anything that would make

The heart smile, or break

You, who hobnobbed with

Dickens, revered by Wordsworth,

Yet critics say you were

Was not considered a Great Poet

In your day

But those wretched echoes

Long since died

After Love Among the Ruins


And the love of your life,

Semi-invalid, Elizabeth,

Did your words so wholly

intermingle, soar as they would

and could, dance all night

till that great heart could take it no more?

Oh!  Robert Browning

What do they say now

As we study you,

As we ourselves fall so short

Beneath those trusty ruins

Tripping over the drama

Of your tears, that

Victorian chivalry

Which moved to action

your pen of Gold;

We who could only

Pray to die with

Such regal dignity as tho.


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. wow if you think about it these poets and authors did not have it easy at all to get something published.. and what great poets and authors they were..BROWNING, DICKENS, WORDSWORTH to name just a few.. excellent poem Susan,, THEY and you are such inspirations to me..

  2. Thank you Deb; and this Poem is written of true events. I’ve researched the Brownings and he was not accepted as a great Poet, at first, in his day. Later on, of course, with a LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS (Dickens ad Wordsworth), ((a little play here on the Beatles’ song, LOL)), he became more recognized for his works. Again, neither were my Mentors and inspirations, e.e. cummings, T.S. Eliot, and Poe, who were the forefathers of the style I write in, called Free Verse, Stream of Consciousness Style. See, they were not accepted in the mainstream because they fell from the throws of Traditional Poetry with the strict meter and rhyme schemes. I like Free Verse due to the freedom it gives my creativity to fly without restrraint.

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