Oh Forest!

Oh Forest!

So you would teach me hunger,

surety of hoof and wing,

all that would join in tamed song,

          goodbyes cloaked in

                   hums and whistles

or fail to show up at all

come the lonely dawn.

I would weep,

heavy as sheets of Monsoon,

drone expel from wicked sky

opening those liquid doorways


brittle bones.

I am forever unsatisfied.

I taste the bitter leaves,

          how unassuming

                             beauty falls.

Touch thorny weeds and feel

cold pebbles that

                   mattress rivers

or weigh out the

slime from demon bogs.

          Sleep on fallen wild berries,

stamping into sweet existence

crimson raspberry mash as

I go.

Who can fathom loss, its mighty

soar with amber eyes like

a splendorous Owl, hint of

          tweaked thunder hidden

in the limp of a Silver Wolf.

Wide-eyed stallion never falters,

neither my faith nor plight

          of splintered lust.

For I am what I am,

          immortal below

Divine smile,

without remorse

          or blind curse

                   broken with

                             edges of mathematical pain.

Show me evolutionary stars;

a great fire’s center,

spit of Cactus tear

or the Sequoia’s core that

                   reeks of musk millennia.

Nothing can halt me,

                   or help me turn

                   pages any faster.

Not your faint love,

a fading perfume unsure

                   of prowess,

not twigged claw or

                   crooked beak.

Oh Forest!

So you would teach me

it’s not just the Dreamer who

stays hungry,

                             but the Dream.


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. Susan such a lovely poem… You have such a way with words… so beautiful… so much talent and your graphic of the forest… I love this Susan…

    • drtruthman says:

      Beautiful Susan, simply beautiful. It makes me feel like was walking through the everglades in a palm island or North Florida forest when I would have many of those very thoughts. For those who have never just walked through a forest and communed with God, they miss the true divinity and eternal beauty that is there. I just loved this poem and the graphic and relate to it personally.
      Great job.

  2. Thank you Deb and Dr. Lee. I’ve always been “in tune” with nature and wildlife, as both you know. And growing up in the Everglades, Dr. Lee, what is more beautiful besides the rain forests of the Amazon? Nature seems to speak with me. As both of you are aware of my upbringing, you understand, more than most, how I attached myself to the forests, to the wildnerness, to the country and wildlife and all animals that abounded around me. I was comforted there and found a sense of Peace I felt, and received back as much as I gave, more than anywhere else. I was closer, there, than I was with humans. With good reason. Of course that has changed now growing up into a Woman…..though nature and wildlife remain an important aspect of my existence, as I’m now in many organizations that protect our Environment and Endangered Species.

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