The other horses gathered

Around her, as she closed her

Eyes forever……….

Oh God did she hear

The thunder as you called

Her hooves trailing like stardust

Raining down in my eyes

With unspeakable

Glitters of tears

Oh, did she ever look back at me

Galloping as she did



To  your precious pasture

In the sky?


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. drtruthman says:

    Love this poem and the video is fantastic. You know, we can rent horses at the beach down here to ride in the surf…….lots of fun. Once I have my own place, you and Howard should come visit and we will all go riding in the surf. The horses love it. Great poem and beautiful animal. such a beautiful animal. As always, a good job and such feeling and talent.

  2. Thank you Dr. Lee. How well I know Horses are great athletes. I used to ride my horses in Lake Ponchartrain where I lived in Metairie, Louisiana, 20 minutes in the suburbs outside of New Orleans. Oh ~ they are great swimmers and what a thrill to be bareback on their backs as the cool water in summer rushes over their manes and our legs as they carry you safely and excited themselves, to shore. And I’ve ridden horses on beaches on the Gulf in Mississippi, which is New Orleans’ backyard for recreation, as it was only less than an hour’s ride, and Florida, Pensicola and Navarre Beach, less than two hours. With the salty breeze air, the rushing waves along the sandbeach, is another thrill on horseback. The horses seem to love it as well on a hot sweltering day.

  3. debbiebrooks37 says:

    Susan this is so beautiful.. I know you are hurting for your beloved horse.. I can tell through your poem… when you write you make me feel what you are feeling.. merry Christmas sweet friend.

  4. Merry Christmas to you Deb and Dr. Lee. Thank you for always being there to support my posts and offer such encouraging words.

  5. I am reading and listening to it a second time it is so beautiful I am crying this is just too much Susan too much.. I cant stand anything else.. too much!!

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