Lay down your infinite fears;

I hold you.

And I feel the rumblings inside,

a chasm of unspoken tears

            never before this day cried.

So I weep them all for you.

I see all the living that stayed


great moments you wanted to run but instead fell,

when you reached out for the sweetness of Heaven

but ended up tasting bitter Hell,

worry not, I breathe it all for you.

Let go of the pain,

I’ll drain the bleed

of your wounds from you.

I’ll take the knives that carved your heart,

and mend back the pieces torn and ripped apart – –


as sure as I found paradise behind broken eyes,

soared with your tortured Soul inside rain-drenched skies,

keep on going when the Grim Reaper knocks, too,


you’ll never know

that I Died for you.

© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. deborah langford says:

    Susan so awesome….I stand amaze

  2. debbiebrooks37 says:

    Ohhh Susan… I love your poem.. “I DIED FOR YOU”‘s oh .I. love this..You are so awesome .. You know it’s because of you and Lee pushing me and encouraging me that I started really getting serious about writing. I want to thank you sweet friend..Reading your poems and short stories…which are so awesome…you made me feel like \I could do anything.. You are such a inspiration to me.. So from my heart I want to thank you again and again.. Love you sweet friend debbie

  3. Deb, I’m so glad it touched you. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  4. drtruthman says:

    Well Susan, you have indeed done it again. I see so much here, none the less being our Savior’s sacrifice. For me, it is like Christ speaking directly to me. but I see many other possible interpretations as well. Beautiful and yet shocking to the point of pulling directly on the emotions.
    Very good job.

  5. Yes, so many interpretations Dr Lee. The most likely, of course, our Savior Christ who died for us.

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