I’m Not Addicted to PSP or Computers…

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Just wish that I didn’t get hungry. That means I have to get up and go fix a sandwich, or worse yet, dinner for the entire family.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Just wish that while I’m sitting at the computer drinking water or coffee or tea, it wouldn’t make me go to the bathroom so much. Never knew until know how convenient it would be to be hooked up to a catheter.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Do I really have to find a “real job” out there “in the real world” and leave my computer here and all my graphic ideas that will fade to nothing because I will come home too exhausted to remember them?

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Is that my cat knocking stuff over in the pantry closet that I left open? Is that my dog scratching and whining to go outside to pee? I don’t see myself jumping up to go see them anytime soon. I’m in the middle of a delicate copy and paste operation here.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Was that the phone ringing? Good thing I have caller ID and an Answer Phone. I’m in the middle of a cut here with the selection Tool. One wrong move and I have to start over.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. That button on your shirt sure would make a nice Sig Tag with perhaps a gem cloned in the middle and my name beneath it with the BlackChancery Font.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Sleep? Who has time? I have a WET to do something with, and a TOW in another group, and a SOW in this Group, and lets not forget the WSC.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. I have a fever of 102. I can’t breathe. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. But I sure can find time to make a new frame from a Tut over the Internet.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. I’m at the movies with my spouse. I’m eating a Romantic Dinner at a Restaurant we can’t afford. And what am I thinking about? How this great tube on this site would look beautiful in a recently snagged Script.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. And now I’m thinking of the great midi that would go with the above Stat I’m getting ready to post.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Vacation? Does that mean I will be away from my Groups and the Computer? Honey, find a Hotel that is near an Internet Café, or, better yet, could you buy me a Lap Top before we hit the Road for two weeks?

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. When filling out my driver’s license application doesn’t everyone gives their IP address, right?

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. My spouse and I have a wonderful line of communication, its called We Email Each Other.

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. My spouse told me he wants me to spend more time with him instead of in front of the computer or its over, we’re finished. I say to him, “since you make the most money between us, are YOU paying for the Divorce and can I have custody of the Computer?”

I’m not Addicted to PSP OR COMPUTERS. Doctor, you mean I have 2 months to live? Better hurry and get some of those Scripts I haven’t played with done……..Lord, are there Computers in Heaven? I hope so. I can’t imagine Eternity without them. Beam me up, I’m plugged forever.

Written by: Me, Susan, who, of course, is not addicted.

~ ~

Author’s Note:

PSP = Paint Shop Pro, a very expensive and Powerful Graphics program. Some of the terminology like WET, TOW AND SOW and WSC refer to Graphic course stuff, so, ignore it.  It’s how I create all my graphics. But remember guys, you can substitute anything here that is YOUR addiction: like gardening, reading, etc. You get the idea.

© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. drtruthman says:

    Oh yes Susan, so good, so true and you are FUNNY as well. I am also addicted. If you think using them is addictive, try building the things. I used too and goodness……got REAL ADDICTED to the point 2 of my sons caught it and now they work on and program the things. I love it but with the epilepsy having increased, I had to back off on the building part. I went days without showers, shaving and eating….only coffee and was spending money on every upgrade you can imagine. I’m sure I could have launched a rocket with some of the machines I built. Now, I use high powered laptops and have a backup lap top and 2 desktops with 2 older desktops in storage. I operate 10 blogs, 4 websites (for myself or others) and write 2 newspaper columns while trying also using the computer to write insurance estimates. Yep, I am addicted too. But what would we do without them. Oh yes, my neurologist says our brains are computers. So I assume we will have computers in Heaven, in fact we are probably the computers of Heaven, now think about that. I really enjoyed this. Great job.

  2. Well, fellow Addicted Dr Lee sounds like we both have a problem. We’ve been swallowed by technology…lol thanks for reading and i’m glad you had fun with it.

  3. debbiebrooks37 says:

    wow.. Susan.. wish I wasn’t addicted tot computers too. LOL,… Great Post.
    Have WONDERFUL EVENING.. sure hope you are feeling better. my friend

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