Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf


Sullen path

I’ve tasted your dusty disaster

Contrived your tired lust

Gave up heels that swam in circles

Because destination did not exist

Save the winds from terrible laughter

It’s our eyes that suffer first

Vision turned like a reckless dial until

We find a view worth listening to.

Have we met yet

Sinkage where the road crumbles

To scattered shale and bone

Where, if we look real hard,

We might see ghosts

Of our ancestors’ footprints

Imbedded in grains of granite

Shadows mixed with an arroyo of sorrows

Fleeting thoughts of clay torn sweetly west

Across everfading and lofty meadows.

No chum here

For the starving road fork

No acoustic left to reverberate

Feed the silent whimper

Pick your poisons carefully

All that was narrow now widened

With bulimic planks

The soft has finally married its polar counterstone

And counts its blessings threefold.

It won’t be the first time

You found emptiness welcoming

Consider those days something

Lead you thicker into seductive evil

And there you settled nicely

Thinking to yourself, At least I’m breathing

And reading death quotes of a sadist

In a morning drenched with moth light

As you swallow last remnants

Of  beautiful disaster.


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

  1. debbiebrooks37 says:

    My My My Susan so .lovely ,my sweet friend.I didnt know that Diaster’s could be beautifiul but your words made it beautiful.. thank you for such a lovely poem

  2. Deb I know this was hard to read, and one of my Darker poems so I appreciate the fact you would give it a moment’s read. I’m sorry I’m not the airy light Poet as you are…..bringing people into your soft, sweet and positive Core but the world is big enough for the both of us….totally polar opposite Poets………some will gravitate towards you (most, I might add) and the trailing who’ve suffered the pain and torment as me will gravitate towards a darker demeanor. Doesn’t make one better or more secure than the other. Who could exist a world of only apples if they didn’t have Oranges as a reference point to counter against? The world can accommodate all Poets, that’s the beauty of Art……what speaks to another is silent with someone else, and vise versa. All have its moments to shine. This is one of my darker pieces and I really should make no apology for the way I write other than to say, i appreciate the soft light you bring to the world, who have only go glance in another direction to see me……hanging on to both worlds.

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