Artist Shea Marsh

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Meet Artist Shea Marsh, presented by Sarah Ann Waldron

SAW Art & Poetry


Today my discussion will be about my dearest, and closest friend, of 13 years; Shea Marsh. Shea grew up in a small town of the Appalachian Mountains, just as I did. Never did either of us expect to grow up, and become the artists; that we are today. Only childhood fantasy dreams, that seemed quite unrealistic then. Shea like myself dabbles in a few genre’s of art.
So I would like to share 3 of his many talents with you all; today.

(1). Fire Spinning


This picture was captured of Shea at, what use to be our local skatepark. If you notice he has almost completely dissapeared, becoming the fire he was spinning.
When he first started this endevor of the fire arts, you could imagine I was a nervous wreck, But he kept his composure at all times; while practicing. Despite the many times he would catch his pants…

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