Ignore The Raven

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

A true story set in the atmosphere of a beautiful Poem ~ of Survival in a World where many don’t live to tell the story. This Artist/Author Sarah Ann Waldron takes you on a journey through a period in her life when the Raven (representing the VOICE of her addiction) spoke to her and once she listened and heard nothing else. . . and now, her eyes are turned towards the Heaven and peace that she has found.

SAW Art & Poetry


photo credit: Sonnetwolfdesigns

Ignore The Raven

‘Twas the beginning,
once she opened her mind.
As she began singing,
of spiritual courage,
she flew, unto the universe.
Never would she question,
what she would find.

Though still mocked by the Raven,
she had grown, to ignore the
craving. Recovery was just a
stepping stone; to her self-saving.

With this new-found strength,
braving the storms, had never
been so lucid. She stays within tranquility, nothing will ever be

Free from the bindings of fear.
Flying further unto her ascension,
her purpose; now crystal clear. All
because of a faith-filled connection…

Written by: Sarah Ann Waldron
My Soul- SAW Poetry™

(The meaning behind my words)
It’s been over 3 years, and 4 months, that I have been sober. Free from an addiction. This poem of mine shows how I escaped, and found my spirituality. I have…

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