Urban Lyricist Charles Taylor

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

MEET THE FANTASTIC Lyricist Charles Taylor as seen through the eyes of Artist Sarah Ann Waldron

SAW Art & Poetry


Urban lyricist Charles Taylor a.k.a. Green T. of Couch Life, was born in Minot, North Dakota, and raised in North Augusta, South Carolina.
At age 16 he moved to, and still resides in the Appalachian Mountains; with myself, and Artist Shea Marsh.

When I first met Charles, I was 13 years old, sitting at the end of my driveway, out in the woods; in 2003. I see two figures walking down the road, immediately I recognized one of them to be a neighborhood friend. Having no clue who the other person was…


Looking just like this, but in all black, riding a skateboard. He came rolling up, and cracking jokes. Little did I know…a few years later in 2007, this young man would not only become a life long friend; but would also be one of my biggest poetic influences and inspirations.

Over the years we spent alot of time…

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