Morrígan (The Raven Goddess)

Posted: April 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

I love all Mythology, and here, Sarah Ann Waldron has done meticulous Research (and I praise her for that) in this article explaining the Goddess Morrígan, who fascinates Sarah due to her own Celtic Roots. A MUST READ!!!! Totally enjoyable, as everything is from this writer….

SAW Art & Poetry


Morrígan is a celtic diety, though she is mostly known as a bad omen; of war and death. I am going to explain how she is everything, but evil.

(Pagan Beliefs)

Name meaning: Great Queen or Phantom Queen.

Sacred Bird: Corvids (Ravens and Crows).

Sacred Plant: The Willow Tree.

Colors: Red and Black.

Strengths: Fearsome, strong creator of the fog, and grants
sovereignty to the monarches who choose love over war.

Symbolism: War, Death, prophecy, passionate love, and fertility.

Pagans believe that Goddess Morrígan, is a group of three sisters. This is why she is known as the trinity goddess…
Anu- the fertility maiden.
Badh- boiling mother cauldron.
Macha or Nemain- the death crone.


Being a multifaceted goddess in most of all myths, there are so many stories. On who, and what she really is. Pagans believe that she is a great shape-shifter just as the celtics do, and…

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