POETIC PHOENIX,  Susan Joyner-Stumpf, dedicated this poem to – me.

Posted: June 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

Leila, You are amazing, an Epoch of Force coming into your own Literary Right !!!! You are a Phoenix in my eyes; that’s how I see you, rising from the ashes. Nothing/Nobody can you bring you down. Your wings would burn their fingers.

Leila Samarrai

(For Leila Mehdi)

Serbian Sage
Balkan Bia
Rise from the Tower of Babel
Where Shinar will again shine
Corner wings of words
To draw your sky-maps
Structures strong will crumble
Around you
But so your Goddess-breath
Shall hold the fortitudes
From crushing such effervescence
Be your own storm
That reeks the sadness
From your heart of all
Those dirty fingers lifted
Out of boneless minds.

In the Sun’s wavering array
Discover new arrows
To pierce virgin Dawns
Not allowing subterranean suits
To steal such humble attire.

You have made your mark
Upon the shifting sand dunes
Of hypocrisy and odium
Cleansed evil eyes of
Their predatory, loathing lure.

Madness is a gift you favor
In intangible realms of
Poetic dovetails ~ ~

We choose our blades wisely,
Those of us who write to
Sustain our ever blood flow.

Poetic Phoenix ~

Do you not already scrape the…

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