Meet Poet Susan Joyner-Stumpf

This Author is considered by peers and fellow-writers to be a Dark, Free Verse/Abstract, Experimentalist  Poet with a stream-of-consciousness.

Author Susan Joyner-Stumpf

Poet Susan Joyner-Stumpf, from the tender age of seven, began first writing as an escape mechanism from a severely abusive home life.
She was inspired and adapted this style from the late, great masters such as T.S. Eliot, E.E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, Gertrude Stein, Anne Sexton, Rumi, Neruda, Gibran, Mary Oliver, Jack Marshall and Theodore Roethke, Poe, Walt Whitman, just to name a few.
Susan is no novice. To her credit, she has published over 40 +books, all available (except Dreaming White Horses which is out of print) on, Barnes & Noble, Com.,, and about 30+ other online Retailer Bookstores.
Susan is also adept at writing Short Stories, Prose, Songs, Quotes, Novellas and Novels.  Her specialty is Horror/Thriller/Murder Mysteries but she has from time to time dabbled in the Comedy, Romance, and Soft Erotic genres.Susan is extremely significant as a writer. She has been both an inspiration and a tremendous impact on her fellow writers.
Susan has her own publishing company now called WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, small but making dreams come true.  She also will be starting her own Radio Show, RHYTHM AND MUSE, with her best friend by her side, Deborah Brooks Langford, as co-host.
Susan is indeed a genuinely professional writer. She lives to write and her awards and recognitions from her peers confirm both her ability and status as a professional writer.
She is published in numerous Anthologies and has won several Editor’s Choice Awards, winnings and recognition from the American Poetry Society, Library of Congress, and multiple Awards from the successful social internet writing site, where she has a loyal fan base spanning over five years.Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Susan Joyner-Stumpf now calls the Colorado Rockies her home and resides with her husband, Howard along with a menagerie of four-legged animal friends that own them.
When Susan isn’t composing, she is creating Graphic Art and received her Certification at an Online University 15 years ago, along with WebPage Design.  Visit her Susan Joyner-Stumpf’s Graphic Art Museum/Webpage Design Studio.

Susan’s previous body of work, Grief Shards and Other Remains, is by far Susan Joyner-Stumpf’s greatest efforts to date, expelling all the growth and spiritual awareness she has arrived to at this point in her life as a person and a passionate Writer.  This Book marks the continuing journey of this Dark Poet, who suffers from Chronic Depression, Bipolar II, and Anxiety Disorder, to find light and viable meaning beyond the vortex of sadness and riveting despair, above soft glimpses of happiness mixed with fragments of disillusion; to finally bring all life’s experiences and whatever it has to offer to new levels of genuine acceptance.

Susan Joyner-Stumpf joined WordPress for the simple reason of not only showcasing her multiple works as a Poet/Novelist, but to also connect with other Authors.  She feels strongly that critique and feedback are crucial, stating that we not only inspire one another, but continue to grow and expand in our craft.

Her motto and mantra to other writers is:

  • …always look at the Art of writing as a journey, not a destination, for who is willing to say I’ve touched that Talisman, I reached the HOLY GRAIL?  I’ve finally written the perfect body of work and now I’m satisfied to forever lay down my pen? We know that is unrealistic so in a real sense, writing is a goal we have no intention and even less desire to accomplish. Of course it is in our blood to always strive to write that perfect stellar poem; that award winning best seller novel. For ourselves and for those who simply enjoy just reading, the quest will continue to be a focus for the remainder of our lives.  The rewards that feed our hunger to create and simultaneously quench the thirst of those longing for our words of wisdom, passion, insight, unspeakable sorrow, pain, joy, triumph and love will always be a win win for all.

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  1. debbiebrooks37 says:

    awesome I shared..

  2. debbiebrooks37 says:

    So proud of you Susan my sister…… You are one of the best Poets and Authors of this century.

  3. Sandra Riddle Culbreth says:

    Enjoyed reading this – you are so talented, Susan.

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