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Halted by the complexity of time
to wonder now where this moment
came from and why; and how long it

What matters is how you conquer Eternity

will last before the next.

Concepts seem to eternal their way
through the mind, a continuous flow
of meandering confusion.

fluid uneasiness, warm
frightened blood
passing vein to vein.

Where there can’t be time
there is no question
but life and even death
evolve that cycle

of numbed units….

that you eventually Die on a
Wednesday at noon makes no

From then on what matters is
how you conquer Eternity.

~ *•.¸♥♥¸.•*
© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

(One of my earliest poems, written at age 9. With this Poem, I won my first Writing Contest. The rest is history. I think even the Teachers were shocked.)


What spoon of withered white

Cast its shadow high and still

Left with frozen regret

Merely invisibleness left to mourn

Stark the gifted glare

Trajectory of bleeding air

Satin spins its weathered tear

Kiss of infamy

Passion slips into sleep, re-thorned.

Oh how we tremble

When loneliness taps

That heartless door

Chaos hums with bruised light

Faint of darkness sweet

Eerie taste of sullen echoes

That weeps out stars tonight.

Spill out a new but crusted dawn

Eyes close to the brilliant hues

Yet what loins gave up their fiery fight

Its comet shackled in frozen flight

To speak your unloved name, alas

Not of an airy voice divine

That made you an orphan again!


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf



Tongues twisted from maimed truths

lay a child down like a dismembered toy

no longer the desire to play with shrivled limbs

set fire to my virgin beliefs ~ smoke rides blondish hair

as I run from you on crippled legs, yet not fast enough

a deformity chase from the start that never was fair

I blaze this path, followed by your caldron eyes


Mortar weeps in infant, slashed disguise

bleeds out through tunnels of echoing lies

night trains enter thoughts of abandoned cries

the depot of a sinister heart

breathes back life into all victims

left once to gasp and die

for they weren’t through with you ~

scurry all you want, they will find shadowy remains

of what you escaped behind caldron eyes


I still see you

long ago, far away,

searching for me in a pathetic night

rain drenched with thunder no less

a Soul-pinched surprise

eons don’t forget their cosmic writhes

now too close for your meticulous unravel

laying hunched between discarded memories

though now I lay myself down to sleep

years took their toll from silent weep

so still I run even though it be behind

death’s closure of the burns still stinging

from your caldron eyes …



~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf



Residue of rage

Infringed voices swirl a caustic drum

Tunneling through my collapsing veins

On the outside of my body

Other damage significantly done

Streets crack their footing

Lamp lights flicker in tenor drifts

And across a mass escape of lawn,

I feel the puncture beyond emerald green

Grasses swaying in crippled bend

Severed tips of fragile stalks

Join my tears in fractured, limping wind.

Nothing is spared ~ not the sky

Forming nimbus clouds above my hair

As hate sings across the air from your spitting lips

Attempt to dismember my field enchantments

And my love of wild and sea!

Anger was one thing contained within

the vortex of your heart ~

But not when it came alive to devour me . . .

I was never afraid to die . . .

What more cold could I feel

As your embraces have left me,

Corpse-ready, and unfeeling

Being loved by you: a ghost of a man?

For your hands were never gentle,

Nor your passion at its crimson peak ~

How I have bled from your touch that

Was meant to cradle, but instead

Crushed my essence, beyond bland?

Look away, as I fly above, higher and higher,

Soaring summits that call, with little regret

Leaving you forever bereft

You that loved my embers, not my fire,

I feel the puncture beyond emerald green

Grasses that caught me air born and stinging,

And all of me that you threw ~

         What of me was left . . .

~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf