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(for a pet)


our eyes locked

as the vet sunk the

needle into her little soul.    


can you forgive me?

I pleaded far beyond

where tears are allowed to go;

a place inside broken stars

and where mountains

crumble steep when we’re not looking.


I think as I looked up towards

those painful fluorescent lights on

the ceiling, further away into

an unknown abyss

than even she,


I asked of God:

  why my

cat, why now?


the gentle nudge of an ethereal

answer stroked across my sorrow

like a soothing feather,

speaking to my sinking heart:


because I need her.


as I walked away, I heard

the vet’s small voice trailing

the distance

between us…do you want to take her home?


some familiar sound spilled from me

giving him a faint, almost inaudible

yes, but it

sounded more like an echo wherever

they go when they are shattered.


I didn’t even remember words

dropping like dying butterflies

from my frozen lips…


what was left of my

existence came crashing down

all around me once I stepped outside

into winter’s cold, unforgiveable embrace


and into the alien world of a

cruel and cat-less dawn.



© Susan Joyner-Stumpf




The other horses gathered

Around her, as she closed her

Eyes forever……….

Oh God did she hear

The thunder as you called

Her hooves trailing like stardust

Raining down in my eyes

With unspeakable

Glitters of tears

Oh, did she ever look back at me

Galloping as she did



To  your precious pasture

In the sky?


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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When cats Stay,

we more often than not turn

         our backs on them,


we leave for hours

in the wake of their cries,

and upon returning we don’t even glance their Way,

and yet they Stay.


When cats Stay,

there are times we are reading

and we get perturbed when they play between pages


we shove them off our laps

to return to our Computers


and kick them beneath our feet

because we felt they got in the Way,

and yet cats Stay.


When cats Stay,

there are times we forgot about them

in lieu of the Dog


as they cry to come in

we go out for a walk

         and they wait in the rain

         until you get back

hoping you’ll remember to let them back in

and yet cats Stay.          


When cats Stay,

its because they Love us

and don’t know why


and we say we Cherish them

yet leave them behind


when the times get tough

or the furniture changes


or we move out of state

we give them away

when all they ever wanted to do was Stay.


Your touch and lap was all that mattered,

not the toys or treats or additional pets.


You never felt it,

yet did you stop to hear

The Cat that loved you,

but you couldn’t see


And you couldn’t understand

the pain you felt

when you woke up

to an empty house.


The cat loved you enough

and thought he did what you wanted,

for your Unspoken words told him

to leave you in peace,


he never could have imagined you would fall to pieces.


If you try hard enough, the day will come

when Cats will Leave.


~ ~

Dedicated to Cassie, who left us




~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf