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Fatal Oblivion


A morning

remembered only

for its damask entry

a velvet touch

along hemlined



This leisure waking state

nebulous of prism-light

golden-stillness enfolding

a noncommittal fog

of half-twilight, sinking.


Shadows flit then tease

broken, seeking form

from invisible placenta-thought

retinas thrust inside blindness

external visions impaired,

neatly aborted ~

fatal oblivion.


Memory, snow blanketed

with intermittent waves

of fire and cold

tug from quiescent core

weeping through

fabrics of mortal reluctance.


It’s at this moment

we are most vulnerable

abandoned even in love.

Your arms wrapped snugly

around me feel a distant

world away.


As you kiss the air between us,

all realism asunder,

bent in the coil of an

arctic caress,

my lips acknowledge

a measure of unspeakable hunger,

the first light rays

of unintended emptiness.



© Susan Joyner-Stumpf


Lay down your infinite fears;

I hold you.

And I feel the rumblings inside,

a chasm of unspoken tears

            never before this day cried.

So I weep them all for you.

I see all the living that stayed


great moments you wanted to run but instead fell,

when you reached out for the sweetness of Heaven

but ended up tasting bitter Hell,

worry not, I breathe it all for you.

Let go of the pain,

I’ll drain the bleed

of your wounds from you.

I’ll take the knives that carved your heart,

and mend back the pieces torn and ripped apart – –


as sure as I found paradise behind broken eyes,

soared with your tortured Soul inside rain-drenched skies,

keep on going when the Grim Reaper knocks, too,


you’ll never know

that I Died for you.

© Susan Joyner-Stumpf


(for Douglas, who fought

The good fight, 11/2/11)

The wretched battlefield stretched before his burning eyes

Smoke a Soldier breathes when War drinks sinking lungs

He’d seen this chaotic scene before

When a smile erases mid-way before its fated fall

Felt the lunge of adrenalin rise to the inevitable occasion

Maneuvers that yet caught stillness off-guard

Tactics waged unfairly beyond his concession

Enemies like ravenous Cancer, hungry and hidden

Soundless as tortured clouds Rain has strictly forbidden

Combat over beloved country, cherished heartland

Crusade to intercept shrapnels of gasping love

Family, friends, that precious lifeline in the balance

No turning back, no time for bleak, denied vision

No safe haven of oblivion; now in the throws

To conquer all that was never forgiven

Determined and bound to reach the front lines

Before powers outside his control aimed

With their meticulous precision and focus to

Detonate his innocent Soul.

His Poetry sung miles of crippled pain

His music hummed deep wounds of  wordless shame

Profoundly each day he would feel the distant Sun

Go down, its lonely darkness stealing his sacred name.

But he vowed to consume the good hurt for Them

He would fight the good war to obliterate sin

And no matter the Call to Arms

He would forever lay down his heart to tell the story

Asking only that the Bullet spare his bleeding Pen.

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf



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There is a band of

armor, impenetrable ~

stronger than bronze, steel.


That armor is my friendship,

bullet-proof, infantry-real

comes in a myriad of tones

borne of unconditional love;

my bones.


Go out into the world

adorn me in thought

disrobe me at need.

I am tougher than leather, deer hide;

yet fragile enough to bleed.


Wars will be waged, so cruel

battles you will choose

my aura shall always protect you ~

in my eyes, you never lose.


Harness this fact ~

new battlefields await you,

soldiers who don’t fight fair.


Yet they cannot win.

They don’t possess what

greatness you wear!


Let this be your song:


They can stab all day long

into your armor,

this friendship does not

give up, or die easily ~

in fact, it swings back, strong!


You can’t go wrong.

This armor shields you head to toe,

you walk in victory, always;

in my Soul.




~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf