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When the Haters come

They are adorned with the

Heaviest of corduroy

Not delicate satin

That drapes refined couture

At its most elegant debut.

And it barges through the door

An unwelcomed guest

The blunt wind of an otherwise

Indiscernible day

That never asked for clouds of gloom

Or slanted rays of Sun-filled doom.

Was it a Poem of yours that they hated

Or much closer?  The whiff of your

Perfume and you float through life

Unaware that at times,

The trail you left behind, there are

The few with no desire to follow

And instead, kick up the dust to

Annihilate the footprint proving

That you were even there,

So scattered, even the echo

Of defiance is left shocked and askew.

When the Haters come

It’s not like they announce their presence

Beforehand ~

Finding yourself in their death-grip

And the vice has no intention of

Letting go, only burrowing deeper

Until finally, you turn blue.

I’ve caught that sinister wave before

Its salt burning all the way down

Past the heaving lungs

Settling painfully into broken marrow.

When the Haters come ~

If I knew ahead of time,

I would hold up a mirror

And ask, “who do you hate more?”

Silence speaks a thousand words,

but reflections speak one single word

in a thousand silences.

~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf