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Fatal Oblivion


A morning

remembered only

for its damask entry

a velvet touch

along hemlined



This leisure waking state

nebulous of prism-light

golden-stillness enfolding

a noncommittal fog

of half-twilight, sinking.


Shadows flit then tease

broken, seeking form

from invisible placenta-thought

retinas thrust inside blindness

external visions impaired,

neatly aborted ~

fatal oblivion.


Memory, snow blanketed

with intermittent waves

of fire and cold

tug from quiescent core

weeping through

fabrics of mortal reluctance.


It’s at this moment

we are most vulnerable

abandoned even in love.

Your arms wrapped snugly

around me feel a distant

world away.


As you kiss the air between us,

all realism asunder,

bent in the coil of an

arctic caress,

my lips acknowledge

a measure of unspeakable hunger,

the first light rays

of unintended emptiness.



© Susan Joyner-Stumpf


Lay down your infinite fears;

I hold you.

And I feel the rumblings inside,

a chasm of unspoken tears

            never before this day cried.

So I weep them all for you.

I see all the living that stayed


great moments you wanted to run but instead fell,

when you reached out for the sweetness of Heaven

but ended up tasting bitter Hell,

worry not, I breathe it all for you.

Let go of the pain,

I’ll drain the bleed

of your wounds from you.

I’ll take the knives that carved your heart,

and mend back the pieces torn and ripped apart – –


as sure as I found paradise behind broken eyes,

soared with your tortured Soul inside rain-drenched skies,

keep on going when the Grim Reaper knocks, too,


you’ll never know

that I Died for you.

© Susan Joyner-Stumpf

My Mother’s Piano

I bought my mother

a piano once.

Long ago, she had played

as a young girl growing

up inBaltimore.

I wanted to recapture that

and in her eyes, I think

I did when she stepped

into the living room

and I released the blindfold

for her to see.  She fell into

me and said, “it’s the

best gift I’ve ever received.”

She played, privately at first,

when no other family

member was around.

Her delicate fingers dancing

shyly across the keys

like the touch

on a new lover’s face.

From another room, I listened

as her practices became once

more ~ quite perfect.

She never stopped until

the rheumatoid arthritis set in.

It was after that

the piano sat,

collecting dust for years

until her untimely death.

My dad sold the piano,

and I did not know

until after it was already

gone and there was nothing

he could do to cushion

the blow.

I couldn’t understand why ~

why he gave away

this part of mother we often

times still heard play.

And I don’t think I ever

forgave him.

Not just for giving up

the piano, but most

            for giving up

            my mother’s


© Susan Joyner-Stumpf



All enlightenment

A candle dripping wax of desire

My lips kiss the flame

Rekindling the wick of

your indifference

For I will stand here in the fire

Give everything I have

To burn our love back alive



The way loss would remember

          a morning welcomed only

for its Damask entry

          a Velvet lingering

along wounded hemlined dream

          satin-gentle waking state

blur of whimper come to life

          place of non-committal Diamond-light

fade beyond crimson curtains

          of rehearsed despair

half twilight whispers


    finger along the edge of tears

sinking into numbness.


The way loss would forget

          an evening rejected only

for its shadow-teasing light

          broken angles strangled

inside dangling prisms

          promises spin their web

through a fine disguise of golden thread

          swinging their last distorted remains

through a pinhole of fatal oblivion.


The way loss could move on

          memory blanketed in cold bursts

of intermittent reality

          devoid of child-like curiosity

seeping through frayed fabrics

          of human reluctance

out of body, witnessing the carnage

          left behind

shattered glass drinking the rays

          of a nonchalant sun.


The way loss should accept

          snap back into screaming flesh

the sting of the Silver Chord

          weeps like a lonely Violin

return to mortal weight,


and thus its inevitable neediness.

          Its pain.



© Susan Joyner-Stumpf



I release the jewels of my Soul,

for they are not mine to keep.

Rubies I adorn from

blood I’ve spilled.

Though because of you,

the bleeding has mended.

May these Jades temper

humility you have instilled,

opening minds to vibrant visions


Amber I gift thee,

as for this spirit

you have healed

the broken light

in me.

May your Sapphire emotions

be as pure as the serenity in

others so gracefully poured.

To Turquoise happiness bestowed

so shamelessly, healing

darkness once ignored.

Rub pain across Topaz,

calming seas of negativity

that once crashed and roared.

May moments reflect in Quartz,

pure as the day you visualized

goodness in others – their just reward.

Allow your Opal loyalty to always

luster through as you faithfully

distilled for others remedy.

May Emerald Memories always

be with you, not to forget loved

ones lost untimely.

My Onyx protection shall coat you

long after I’m gone; and keep

you forever strong.

Now you are not rich, but wealthy

in spirit with these gems I gift thee.

Take them and cherish Soul stones

you can only earn – and use them wisely.

Wear them as jewels of Kindness,

Forgiveness, and Morality–

qualities you have shown to others

besides me.

Now that I’m gone,

give them away when the time is right

for others to learn and live by:

in memory of both you and me.

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf


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Smile upon this ancient River ~

its cool waters have felt

your sinew writhe;

twisted from shadowed-angles

of shared and molded ache.

In dreams, it cradles trembling blood.

Forever it has wept at your flowing side.


Your tongue has crossed many

severed Moons; tasted parched

wastelands left to linger

from tumbled regret ~

how you pierced the edges of

screaming thirst, content

only by what was mirrored

in its own discharged reflect.


Do you tire from mastering feats

of endless fear or infinite despair

when all that’s revealed in the end

is its minuscule singular memory

matching none other than my

mortal own ablaze in

unheroic air?


Plant feet deep into this path!

We have traveled identical

forks in sweeping dust;

listened to echoes warning us

that as friends, we cannot touch ~

yet as inseparable Soul Mates,

so shall our words timelessly

intermingle in some distant

beyond, gently caressed.


Love we have not known nor felt

its vibrant sting for any other ~

it doesn’t seem fair

until we stop in lonely pause long

enough to realize how truly blessed

and gifted we are!


Kneel before the unyielding wind

that bows not to invisible definition;

feel how we are at once defined

by another’s forgotten hunger ~

broken entities that miraculously mend

because both were swept beneath

the other’s fading storm within.


Embrace God-giving Light

it is, after all, what gave all Darkness hope

and where radiance first became its

own forgiving yet terrible abyss ~

why us, why us, we wonder still with

swollen grief,  shattered illusions

peeking through the shy mist:



Do we dare now to question

the mighty Heavens

or the burning Hells

that contain the wisdom

of all our fractures?







~ ~ ~

© Copyright 2011 ♥Susan Joyner-Stumpf